Spring has sprung at Macy’s Flower Show!

Macy’s signature Ginger Pear Shrub and Sparkling Wild Hibiscus cocktails

Spring is in bloom – or so it seems! The temperature might still be low, the sky might still be grey and the days might still seem short – and yet, the arrival of spring is *fact*, if you stop at Macy’s State Street in downtown Chicago. Go through the massive revolving doors, look up, take a deep breath, and you’re in Paradisios. Want to know more about this special place which features magic, color and wonder – and also terrific cocktails? Read on 😉

This year, Macy’s flagship stores in Chicago, New York and San Francisco are once again home to the Flower Show, a celebration of nature’s beauty which brings under the same roof more than 5,000 types of trees and flowers from around the globe.

The Flower Show is one of Macy’s most popular in-store events: every year, over 45,000 people come to view the Show during its two-week run.

This spring, luxurious mixtures of cosmopolitan plants were brought together to depict various outer space themes under the general title Journey to Paradisios:

As visitors enter this year’s Show, they are dazzled by a space ship as it launches into outer space through the roof into the star-filled night sky. As they make their way and explore Paradisios, they also encounter floating cities and alien technology…

…whimsical plant life…

…eccentrically landscaped gardens…

… and an overall seductively immersive floral world.

Colors and magic happen in the most unexpected places, from store windows and countertops…

… to specially designed architecture pieces such as grand bridges and columns:

Great news for foodies: the Flower Show is on the menu! In addition to receiving a free appetizer or dessert with the purchase of any entrΓ©e, Walnut Room guests can also enjoy specially crafted Flower Show signature cocktails: Sparkling Wild Hibiscus (sparkling wine bubbles streaming off a blossoming hibiscus flower), Hibiscus Tea FEW Rye (vodka, freshly brewed hibiscus tea, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and a splash of bitters), Wild Hibiscus Mojito (rum, wild hibiscus syrup, lime juice served over ice and garnished with mint) and Ginger Pear Shrub (vodka, honey ginger shrub, pear nectar, fresh thyme and ginger, lemon and seltzer).

I had the opportunity to try several of these cocktails at a media event hosted by Macy’s State Street a few days into the Show, and my clear favorite was the Ginger Pear Shrub. The fresh thyme and ginger made this super refreshing, while the hint of honey was soothing and immensely satisfying. With its herbal notes and subtle aroma, this drink was the Flower Show served in a glass. So delicious!

Here are also a few fun facts about the Show:

  • It takes approximately nine trucks to transport all the flora that comprise the Flower Show which includes over 75 specimen trees and over 10,000 individual plants, representing nearly 250 species in every color of the rainbow. It takes seven days to plant.
  • Construction and painting begins in January and requires close to 3,000 hours of labor. It is completed with the support of many artisans, including floral designers, sculptors, landscapers, carpenters and visual specialists.
  • Every night throughout the show, portions of the plants are replaced to keep the gardens looking fresh and vibrant.
  • In order to keep the gardens fresh, the average temperature in the show is maintained at a cool and consistent 65 degrees.
  • While many flowers featured in the show are native to other countries, all plants used in the Flower Show are grown here in the United States.
  • It takes a team of curators to water the entire show each evening using mobile water carts.

Macy’s Flower Show is free to visit and open to the public during regular store hours through Sunday, April 7, 2019. With only a couple of days left to go, take my advice and visit Macy’s State Street to experience the beauty of nature from all around the world as never seen before. You will not be disappointed πŸ™‚

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