My review of Giordano’s Pizza Glenview: pizza time, again!

I wrote about this before: My pizza cravings have gone through the roof since becoming pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t mind eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner – as a matter of fact, I think I’d absolutely love it! There is something very enticing in a pizza, if done well: the buttery and slightly flaky crust, the mellow melted mozzarella like a lava of joy in your mouth, the multilayered and assertiveย  flavor of the tomato sauce – they all come together to create pie heaven for the pizza aficionado.

I was in pizza heaven last weekend, when I went to the opening of the new Giordano’s Pizza carry-out and delivery location in Glenview. It was an event I would never forget – not just because of the delicious food I sampled, but also because of the special guest I got the chance to meet: basketball legend Scottie Pippen.

Despite the chilly weather, lots of Giordano’s supporters and basketball fans turned up for the event. They were all excited to sample Giordano’s famous stuffed pizza and to meet the legendary NBA superstar, who is also Giordano’s brand ambassador.

Scottie Pippen showed up along with Giordano’s CEO Yorgo Koutsogiorgas and spoke about his love for Giordano’s pizza and his excitement to see the company expand into the North Shore.

Quite some time had passed since I’d last tasted Giordano’s pizza, and this event gave me the chance to reconnect with a pizza style I like a lot. Giordano’s “famous stuffed pizza” is an epic excursion into pizza territory, where each ingredient is thought of carefully and delivered generously. If I were to choose one element whose exuberance and lavishness I liked the most, that would be the mozzarella cheese: it was layer upon layer of melted perfection, comforting and joyous, and part of a mindfully orchestrated gourmet performance. It was melted mozzarella bliss.

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Samples of many other food items from Giordano’s menu were given out by the organizers. I tried the chicken wings, which were flavorful and had a good amount of heat, the chopped salad, which was cool and refreshing, and the tomato and mozzarella skewers, which were delicate and melted in my mouth. My husband also enjoyed the ham and provolone pretzel rolls, with a hint of honey mustard.

A special mention must be made of Giordano’s “Northside” Italian beef, with cheese, sweet peppers and giardiniera baked inside a pizza dough. I had never tried Italian beef inside a pizza dough before, and I thought this was a great idea, well executed. This dish was one of my favorites and, along with the pizza, it spoke volumes about Giordano’s rich Italian heritage.

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I had a great time at the opening of the new Giordano’s Pizza location in Glenview. My pizza cravings were satisfied in the best way possible, I tried new foods I enjoyed, and I met a basketball legend I had never dreamed of meeting. All of these elements made for a relaxing and rewarding Sunday on the North Shore. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Giordano’s Pizza for writing this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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