It’s summer, and I’m happy as a… salad


I love eating salads in the summer. As days are getting warmer I like to feel my skin breathing through its pores in the sunshine, and I crave easy, colorful meals to match the lightness of the world outside. My body – exhausted by the comfort food of seasons past – is screaming for relief. I give it salad. Lots of it.

Cheerful ingredients are all welcome:

Cucumbers with their proverbial coolness

Radishes with feisty undertones

Deceiving young onions ready to put up a fight on the plate

Ruby tomatoes with delusions of grandeur

Green salad leaves with balanced flavors

I cut them all without precision and leave them with rough edges. I also treat them generously with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. I mix everything together – and I’m done. Now is the time to savor summer at its happiest.


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