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Stylish and functional hydration on the go: my review of the new Contigo Ashland water bottle

With summer in full swing and days getting hot and humid here in Chicagoland, drinking enough liquids is more important than ever, and a good water bottle can go a long way in keeping you hydrated and at the top of your game. The water bottle market offers a variety of products, and I was fortunate enough to familiarize myself with some of its trends and latest offerings at this year’s edition of the International Home + Housewares Show. This is where I met the team behind Contigo, a well-known Chicago company which makes travel mugs and water bottles.

I am a big fan of the Contigo travel mugs. I bought one a couple of Black Fridays ago, when they were on sale at Kohl’s. I wasn’t sure of its quality (a good travel mug for only $9.99? Hmmmm…) but the online reviews and my own experience quickly put my concerns to rest. I use my travel mug religiously every winter – my hot chocolate stays hot for a good few hours even in the coldest of weathers, and the mug looks gorgeous!

What about the Contigo water bottles? I knew nothing about them prior to the Housewares Show, where the Contigo team showed me their latest Ashland water bottle and gave me one to test. Keep Reading