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Morton Salt’s Next Door Chef dining experience: Cook like the pros this holiday season!

When I was a little girl, I fell in love with a magic kingdom of beauty and tranquility: a salt mine. I was in primary school and our teacher organized a visit to this salt mine, as a one-day trip. I can still remember the trepidation I felt and the myriad of questions that came into my mind as we approached the location. Were there any dangers waiting for me inside the mine? Any monsters of the underworld? Any dark corners filled with dangerous ghosts or enticing whispers? Buried deep into the mountain, the salt mine hosted nature-made shapes of various kinds, whose detached serenity, ice-cold touch and transparency made a lasting impression on me. Who knew salt could be so beautiful? 🙂

These memories came back to me recently, when I attended a holiday-inspired dining experience courtesy of Morton Salt. The Next Door Chef: Chicago event looked like a great opportunity for me to learn more about different types of salt and how they could elevate my dishes in terms of flavor, texture, but also looks. Salt can make or break any meal – yet, how often have I really thought about the versatility of salt and about using Morton Kosher or Sea Salt instead of the standard table salt when cooking? The answer is: hardly ever. Anxious to learn, I accepted Morton Salt’s invitation and brought my friend Marina along, as a guest. Keep Reading