A quick summer dish: Flatout Foldits to the rescue!

What kind of food do you usually make when you’re pressed for time? The quick and obvious answer: sandwiches. They are our family’s go-to option for lunch or dinner in a rush – but what if you’ve grown bored of them, in their usual formulation? Is there a way (any way!) to revamp your sandwiches while keeping them healthy, quick and easy to prepare?

These questions have preoccupied me lately, as I’ve thought of ways to bring food novelty into our household. Thankfully, experimenting with food isn’t difficult in a city as culturally diverse as Chicago: you just have to visit a few grocery stores, to look around, to think about the colors, smells, and flavors you encounter, and to imagine the foodie permutations and possibilities. After several such grocery wonderland excursions, I’m happy to report that I have found a new and valuable sandwich friend: the Flatout Foldits!

Flatout Foldit artisan flatbreads areΒ uniquely shaped sandwich breads, which come in five flavors, are good sources of fiber and protein, and are certified Kosher. According to Flatout, Foldits work great in a panini press or warmed up in a hot pan. I have yet to use them as such, but what I can tell you so far is that they are excellent served at room temperature. I’ve been meaning to grill the Foldits before using (surely the charred flavor would increase their appeal, both flavor- and appearance-wise?), but I haven’t gone around it yet. I’ll update this post once the grilling happens 😉

Foldits are perfectly foldable, versatile, and last but not least portable. So far I have used the Traditional White and Rosemary & Olive Oil varieties with several different fillings, and they’ve all been a great success. I’ve even served our lunch of chickpea stew stuck in-between the two walls of a Foldit, and it has been delicious! You can fill them up with whatever takes your fancy – except liquidy dishes, of course! For my latest Foldit adventure I decided to use some of the green onion growing in our garden in the filling. There’s nothing quite like freshly picked produce!

I filled Traditional White Foldits with a cream cheese & roasted red pepper mixture, and added olives, thinly sliced snow peas, cilantro and green onion.

The delicate roasted flavor of the peppers was enhanced by the addition of cilantro and green onion, the latter cutting through the richness of the cheese to provide balance and freshness to the Foldits:

No need to worry if you filled too many Foldits: Just keep them refrigerated and serve next day. That’s what we did with our leftovers, and I’m happy to say the flavors (especially the olive and cilantro) had actually intensified during the time spent in the fridge. Eat them now, or save for later – both are perfectly acceptable.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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Cream cheese & roasted pepper Foldits
  1. Grill the flatbreads quickly, if desired.
  2. Put cream cheese, roasted peppers, snow peas, green onion and cilantro in a medium bowl and mix until well combined. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Fill each flatbread with the cream cheese & pepper mixture. Decorate with green onion, snow peas and olives. Serve chilled.
  4. Enjoy!

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