My review of Waterloo sparkling water & Sipp craft soda: Cheers to some bubbly happiness!

At the end of a busy day, when my feet are swollen and my breath is thirsty, what can be better than a glass of bubbly non-alcoholic drink? Answer: nothing! The sparkling freshness of these drinks provides fun, hydration, and makes the end of the day truly enjoyable and rewarding. Plus, they’re perfect if you’re expecting and you have to steer clear of caffeine or alcohol.

This love of carbonated drinks goes back all the way to my childhood. With no Coca Cola, Pepsi or any other branded product in sight, my family relied on a good-old carbonator cylinder, which my dad would go and refill from time to time. We would mix the bubbly fresh water with natural, organic fruit syrups made by my mom and my aunt, and we would drink these instead of the less appetizing, chemical-laden soft drinks which were produced locally (you should have seen those – they were truly horrible!).

The years have passed and my passion for fizzy drinks has endured, and so has my interest in enjoying natural, healthy bubbly beverages. This is why I was very excited when I was contacted recently by Waterloo Sparkling Water and Sipp Sparkling Organics to review their products. The first company makes flavor-infused sparkling water, while the other makes organic craft sodas. Good options to enjoy by any mom-to-be! 😉

Waterloo Sparkling Water is a Texas-based company whose products can be found on the shelves of Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon. Waterloo hasΒ zero calories, sugar and sodium, no mineral aftertaste, and is available in 7 flavors: Original, Black Cherry, Coconut, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Lemon and Lime.

The demand for sparkling water has increased considerably in recent years, and big brands have been eager to capitalize on this explosion in popularity among consumers looking for healthier and lighter alternatives to soft drinks. What does Waterloo have to offer, and what makes it stand out? For a start, Waterloo sparkling waters are flavored with natural fruit flavors, which are extracted using very high pressure equipment. This process essentially squeezes the concentrated oils out of the fruit, and the resulting extract provides the carbonated water with an intense fruit flavor.

The Waterloo Lemon variety was my favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed the bright natural lemon taste, which had just the right touch of tartness and no bitter aftertaste.

The level of carbonation was perfect for me: the water was bubbly yet still easy to drink and refreshingly satisfying.

For a “back to basics” experience, I pairedΒ  the Waterloo Original variety with fresh slices of citrus fruit – and the result was sparkling (no pun intended, lol):

The kumquat and navel orange flavors worked well with the crisp, clean water. It was the perfect fruit-infused drinking experience!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for organic craft soda to satisfy your appetite for bubbly non-alcoholic refreshment, I have a name for you: Sipp!

I first came across Sipp at last year’s National Restaurant Association Show, where Sipp won a Food and Beverage (FABI) Award for its beverages, which fill the niche between traditional soda and sparkling water. Sipp are USDA-certified organic and free from preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring. They are lightly sweetened with agave syrup and can be mixed in a drink recipe or served on their own. Sipp come in 12oz bottles and 10.5oz cans and are sold in Target and select retailers nationwide, as well as on Amazon.

Sipp was born when founder&mixologist Beth Wilson-Parentice was laid off from her corporate job and started to explore a new career in the beverage industry. Handcrafted by Beth, Sipp sodas feature several layers of blended fruits and herbs, which come together to reveal refreshing sparkling beverages.

My verdict on Sipp? Having tried them all, I can reveal my favorite was the Lemon Flower variety:

Featuring natural Meyer lemon, elderflower and tarragon flavors, this drink was exactly as I had expected it to be: vibrant and refreshing. It also reminded me of the elderflower beverage – all natural, organic and pure – my mom and my aunt used to make when I was a child, many summers ago. In the middle of a harsh winter, I can drink this and imagine it’s all sunny and warm, just how I like it. Serve and enjoy with fresh raspberries for an added vitamin C boostΒ 😉

I was also pleased with the Sipp Ruby Rose variety, which featured organic red grapefruit, herbal honey flavor and natural rosemary extract:

This drink was crisp and had a pleasant tartness which was softened by delicious honey&herbal undertones. I added slices of red grapefruit for extra vitamin C, and drank it in the fresh air at the gazebo.

Look at those cheerful bubbles and bright color: don’t you just wish summer were here already? πŸ™‚

I am now a big fan of these Waterloo and Sipp drinks, and I recommend them to anyone who is trying to cut down on calories and still enjoy carbonated beverages. In a market which is now more receptive than ever to natural, minimally processed flavors, these bubbly offerings satisfy a strong demand, and are for sure here to stay. As for me, I will continue to enjoy them for the foreseeable future. Not only are they high quality and natural, but they also remind me of equally satisfying drinks I used to enjoy as a child – and to me, these memories are definitely worth revisiting πŸ™‚

*Disclaimer: While I received complimentary products to facilitate this review, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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