National Today holiday website review: Make every day a celebration!

The ice cream I served last July, when we celebrated National Ice Cream Day

How often do you take the time to celebrate those little things that make your life more comfortable, or pleasant, or downright delicious? A bowl of ice cream, a slice of pizza, a cup of coffee – these are among life’s simplest pleasures, yet we savor them in a rush, in-between meetings, plane flights, and daycare pick ups. As a foodie, I know I should consciously appreciate everyday flavors and textures more often, but “real life” always gets in the way. My family and I look forward to the big celebrations like Mother’s Day, 4th of July and Christmas, but there are many other holidays on the calendar just begging to be commemorated, and quite a few are food-related – and most of the time, I forget all about them. How to keep up with the celebrations and how to make every one of our busy days special?

Enter National Today, a viral holiday website whose founders believe that nothing beats a day of celebration – except 365 of them! Their goal is to gather special holidays and moments from around the world and to help everyone celebrate with events, helpful tips, discounts, deals, and plenty of fun. As someone who has commemorated many holidays featured on the National Today website, I was very excited when I was contacted by National Today and was asked to partner up in sharing the ultimate 2018 holidays celebration calendar 😉

The National Today website ( is truly universal in scope, and I enjoy its cosmopolitan appeal, clean graphics, and wide range of information provided. They host info on classic American holidays, like the 4th of July and Halloween, important global holidays like Boxing Day and World Refugee Day, and all sorts of quirky occasions, like Respect Your Cat Day (!) and National Junk Food Day. The National Today team curates pages with extensive and exciting holiday history, exclusive money-saving deals, and survey data that quantifies America’s opinions on just about every topic. They also host a non-stop party on social media, brightening each day with fun posts and pictures, connecting the world through celebrations, making moments special and unique.

Naturally, I tend to gravitate towards food-related celebrations, but I have promised myself to work my way diligently through the non-food related days as well. National Sunglasses Day (June 27), anyone? πŸ™‚

The month of January was full of foodie celebrations, with National Popcorn Day (Jan. 19), National Peanut Butter Day (Jan. 24) and National Chocolate Cake Day (Jan. 27) making the start of 2018 truly exciting and fun. Here’s a quick list of the other holidays celebrated throughout the year. Check out the National Today website for a comprehensive list – and get celebrating 😉


National Pizza Day (Feb. 9)

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)

National Margarita Day (Feb. 22)


National Pancake Day (Mar. 7)

International Women’s Day (Mar. 8)

Red Nose Day (Mar. 24)


National Beer Day (Apr. 7)

Tax Day (Apr. 18)

Earth Day (Apr. 22)


Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

Mother’s Day (May 14)

Memorial Day (May 29)


National Donut Day (Jun. 2)

Father’s Day (Jun. 18)

Summer Solstice (Jun. 20 and 21)


Independence Day (Jul. 4)

National Ice Cream Day (Jul. 16)

National Cheesecake Day (Jul. 30)


International Beer Day (Aug. 4)

National Friendship Day (Aug. 7)

National Lemonade Day (Aug. 20)


Labor Day (Sept. 4)

Constitution Day (Sept. 17)

National Coffee Day (Sept. 29)


Columbus Day (Oct. 9)

Sweetest Day (Oct. 21)

Halloween (Oct. 31)


Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11)

Thanksgiving (Nov. 23)

Black Friday (Nov. 24)


National Ice Cream Day (Dec. 13)

Winter Solstice (Dec. 21)

Christmas (Dec. 25)


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