My brunch experience at Public House gastropub: It’s freezing cold, so… let’s eat!

Doesn’t this dessert look scrumptious? It’s a doughnut fried French toast, drizzled with cream cheese glaze and seasonal jam and made lighter by the addition of fresh fruit. It tastes as good as it looks, and I had the opportunity to try it this past weekend, at the Sweet & Savory brunch organized by Public House gastropub and Chicago Food Bloggers.

The weather was freezing cold downtown, and as I confronted the harsh winds and longed for shelter and a source of heat, I realized I desperately needed something to eat to keep me warm. Luckily, it was brunch time at the Public House, and this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. Myself and other bloggers were invited to try dishes from the Public House brunch menu, and I had a lot of fun meeting other food aficionados, exchanging impressions and, of course, tasting the food!

The assorted breakfast sandwiches were the first I tried. They had scrambled eggs, housemade pork sausage and maple bacon as proteins, and arugula, tomato and red onions as veggies. I enjoyed the sandwiches and thought the addition of the tomato and arugula was welcome and made the sandwiches fresh and light.

We were then offered mini-portions of crab cake Benedict, beautifully presented in small cast iron skillets.

The hollandaise sauce was smooth and velvety and the crab cakes had a good texture and nice flavors, which were elevated by the skilful addition of a blend of cayenne and cracked black pepper.Β The crab cakes Benedict are usually served with a generous side of arugula.

The chicken and waffles were next on the list, and I have to say I was (and I still am) conflicted about this dish. I enjoyed the caramelized waffles, which were very fresh and had a pleasant, not overly crunchy texture. On the other hand, the southern fried chicken was a bit too heavy for my liking, and the hot sauce did not do enough to counteract this heaviness.

The sweet components of the brunch menu were all a big success. I thoroughly enjoyed the freshly out of the oven sticky cinnamon bun, with toasted pecans and vanilla butter cream. This dish was warm, blissful, and very comforting:

As you all know by now, the doughnut fried French toast was another favorite of mine…

… and so was the parfait which ended the brunch. Made of granola, Greek yogurt, and fresh berries, it was light and had a purity of flavors I definitely appreciated. Whether served in small decorative glasses…

…or in a generous size parfait glass, this light sweet dish was unquestionably one of the best components of the brunch menu.

Overall, I enjoyed my brunch experience at the Public House. Their dishes kept me warm on a mercilessly cold day, while also giving me the chance to embark on a satisfying journey of flavor and texture – a journey that has made the foodie in me very happy.

*Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated by Public House for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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