Using carrots to make something quick: “Easy” isn’t always easy!


Last weekend I happened to come across a great sale on organic baby carrots at the grocery store, and I bought quite a few packs. I usually eat them raw, I saute them, or I roast them alongside chicken. Sadly, I did not have a lot of time at my disposal, so my first thought was: let’s make carrot juice! This looked like the perfect opportunity to use up the carrots, and to make something quick and very healthy. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll admit it, with embarrassment: a lot can go wrong when trying to make carrot juice. I couldn’t remember my aunt’s recipe, and although I knew carrots were naturally fibrous and needed the addition of water to turn into juice, I just couldn’t figure out the carrots-to-water ratio. I wanted to make carrot juice – but all I got was a thick carrot puree. It was clear to me the recipe called for more water – but how much water was enough? And how much would have been too much?

After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to research the topic on the Internet. I came across this recipe on the Vitamix website, which I replicated with great success. They used both water and ice cubes in their recipe, and as a result the juice had a light texture and was very refreshing.


1 1/2 cup chopped carrots

1 cup water

1 cup ice cubes

1 tsp lemon juice concentrate


Take all ingredients and put them in your blender:


Blend for approximately 1 minute, increasing the speed of the blender half-way during the process. Continue blending until the ingredients are uniformly combined. Transfer the juice from the blender into a glass, and serve immediately.


I was pleased with how the juice turned out. It was no longer a puree, but a velvety, healthy concoction, with a pure and delicate flavor. I am very glad I came across this recipe.

In this case, the “easy way out” was not easy at all. With this recipe I tried, I failed, and I needed help. I don’t know about you, but every once in awhile I experience an epic fail in the kitchen, and my self-esteem takes a beating. Mistakes and failures do happen. I just hope tomorrow will be better. πŸ™‚

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